1. leuvrouche:

    The Panoramic Series - Paris with Bastien Duverdier and Joseph Biais

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  3. thelocalweather:

    dallas todd - krooks fakie - nyc

    photo: colin sussingham

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  4. dankskatemag:

    Karsten Kleppan, switch bs smith on the cover
    of Dank no. 8. Photo by Jørn Aagaard

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  6. patorourke:

    New little skate montage thingy I made….

  7. jazzpunkx:


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  8. stukirst:

    Ben skating a 3 stair

  9. recordingsofboardings:

    SHOCK VALUE, Johnny doesn’t actually film HD. someone hacked his vimeo channel and is posting these things.

  11. buttergoods:

    Butter Goods presents, Indestructible. A short film featuring Morgan Campbell, Alex Campbell, Casey Foley, Ben Gore, Phil Marshall, Philly Santosuosso & friends.

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  12. Chrome Ball Interview #77: Jason Dill (2014)

  14. 20-shot-sequence:

    My favorite skate photo ever. 

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  15. priceyhot:

    Jed Anderson / BS Smith / NYC / 2014

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